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Individual or Group Coaching


Working together one-on-one and connecting regularly is the most effective format when you have specific things you want to work on. Because we can tailor individual coaching to your wants and needs, we make progress quickly – saving you time and money – so you can be enjoying what you truly want for yourself as soon as possible.

Do you have a big project in the works? A big change you’re planning? Are you uncertain about your next step and want focused help figuring out what’s next?

Indivdual coaching could be your best choice.


Group coaching may be the better option for making smaller tweaks on your business, if you love collaborating with others when working on projects, or if you want to stretch your business development budget out over more time.

We meet regularly to discuss topics relevant to what you’re working on, you have the camaraderie of other business owners working on the same or similar issues, we set goals to be accomplished before the next session, you still get some feedback and coaching (as well as learning from others’ feedback and coaching), and it is a very cost effective way to get support in moving your business forward when your needs are not as specific.

Not sure what’s right for you? Let’s talk!

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How it works

We start with a Discovery Session to help me learn more about what you’re working on and give you a chance to get a feel for my coaching style. 

If we both feel like it's a good fit, we will talk about the coaching options available to you. 


The Coaching Process:

Get very clear on exactly what having your goal(s) will look like
Having a clearly defined image of what success looks like gives both of us a destination to shoot for and helps keeps us on track. 

Identify areas of struggle that have limited you in the past
Knowing where you get held up and developing strategies for moving forward is critical to achieving your goals. I have many tools available for helping you move past your challenges. 

Build your belief
Often people who take on coaching are working on something that seems “really big” and they have a hard time seeing themselves in this new place. I have powerful exercises that can help you believe and “see” yourself in new ways. 

Put together an action plan
Together we put together a plan designed to take you from where you are now to where you’d like to be. This makes it easy for you to observe the progress you are making and guides the way to achieving long-term goals. 

Start working on things you can do right away
Having successes right away helps build momentum and makes it easier to stay on track as you move forward. 

Provide consistent support and follow-up
By meeting regularly to acknowledge progress, celebrate successes, move through stumbling blocks and keep current with tasks, you will be making steady progress in the achievement of your goals.  

"Prior to working with Cheri as my personal success coach, I had difficulty focusing my energy on achieving professional and personal goals.  With Cheri's supportive guidance and optimistic approach, I have overcome many of the fears that had hindered my professional and personal achievements. Thanks to Cheri, I now have a solid foundation which I can build upon, as well as a greater assortment of 'life tools' to use in shaping my future."

Michael (Wally) Walsh - Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner/Teacher & Licensed Massage Therapist

"I have noticed my thoughts, processes and self-evaluations change through the course of our work together.  I learned a lot from your questions, suggestions and affirmations.  You provided some communication skills and some specific language that continues to help me gain perspective and support where I need it. I think your communication style is one of the factors that helped me create space for growth and accountability.  The gift of gentle accountability kept me on task, but also didn't create added pain or stress when I didn't meet all of my goals in the times that I set for myself.  Ultimately, I felt I accomplished a lot, and the effects were felt in my business and myself."

David Todd – Coach & Consultant - The River Now

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