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Words Have Power!

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"If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely. If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. In our thoughts and words, we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths."

Betty Eadie


Over the weekend I was thinking about a class I took years ago where I learned about the concept that our language creates our reality - the idea that the words we choose matter... a lot. They can empower or disempower us. They affect how we perceive what is happening around us. We can use them to draw people closer or drive them further away. Whether we are speaking them silently to ourselves or out loud to others, words matter.

Since that time, I've made it a point to observe the way that people use their words. Generally, if I listen to someone speak for a short time, I come away with a clear picture of whether they see themselves as a proactive participant in creating their life experience, or they see themselves as a victim of external pressure and circumstances.

Change your language, change your life

The exciting thing about this is, by changing our language, we can actually make changes in how our brain perceives what is going on around us and we can create a different kind of life experience. By consistently using proactive empowering language, we can alter our reality. How cool is that?

I often hear people say they "have to" to this or they "should" do that. According to who? Words like this create internal pressure that doesn't support us in having a truly enjoyable life experience. More empowering language is, "I choose to..." or "I'm going to..." do whatever it is. Or, if more appropriate, "I choose not to..." do whatever it is. Be honest about it. Accept the consequences, if there are any. Then, move on. Recognize that what you choose or choose not to do is, indeed, your choice.

Knowing yourself on a deeper level

The more we use empowering language, the more we come to know ourselves on a deeper level. We are better able to connect to our inner knowing and make decisions that align with who we are. We can also communicate more authentically and clearly with those around us. That helps them know us on a deeper level, too.

This week, if you hear yourself saying, "I should..." or "I have to..." take a moment to pause and ask yourself what you want to do. It might be that you choose to take that action. It might be that you choose not to. Either way, the more you practice acknowledging and honoring your choices, the more you can live a life that is truly fulfilling for you. If you take it on, you will find that living this way is more energizing, less stressful, and way more fun!

Wishing you a life filled with choices that are right for you!


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