Cheri Fredrickson - Leadership Development Coach and Trainer - The Transformative Leader, LLC



If you have a dream, you have what it takes to make it come true.


Practice isn't what you do after you've mastered something. Practice is what you do on the way to mastery.


You are 100% responsible for the quality of your life.


To encourage and inspire leaders to identify and express their full potential, enabling them to live their highest vision.

Core Values

  1. Work with the Whole Person:

    • I believe in addressing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions to foster holistic growth.
  2. Have Fun!:

    • Embracing joy and positivity is essential to my approach. I encourage a lighthearted and enjoyable journey toward personal and professional development.
  3. Nurture Meaningful Connections:

    • Building authentic and meaningful relationships is at the heart of what I do. I value the power of connection in fostering personal and collective growth.
  4. Walk Your Talk:

    • I believe in the importance of aligning words with actions. Authenticity and integrity are key principles guiding my interactions.
  5. Make a Good Living by Making a Positive Contribution:

    • My commitment is to help leaders not only succeed financially but also have a positive impact on their communities and the world.


I work with heart-centered leaders who are dedicated to:

  • Having a positive impact
  • Creating organizations that prosper
  • Improving their environment
  • Prioritizing learning and growth
  • Living a balanced, high-quality life

The Transformative Leader is here to support leaders on their journey to fulfillment, prosperity, and making a meaningful contribution to the world.



I stumbled into my work in the personal and professional development industry when I needed a job and took a position as a Sales Rep for a training company in 1991. Little did I know that it would turn into a lifelong career. 

I always enjoyed personal development and I found that sharing that work with others was an untapped passion. I went on to become a facilitator and coach, opening my own practice in 2000. It has been a wonderful journey.

It hasn't been a straight line, though. I have dealt with some challenges along the way. I took time out to help with our family ranch in Montana, worked my way through a significant bout with Lyme disease and was able to help care for both of my parents through their illnesses and death. I know what it is to deal with life's twist and turns, handle it in the best way you can, and move forward.

In my free time I enjoy dancing, hiking, working with my German Shepherd, Nia fitness training, volunteering and spending time with the people I care about. 

If you're ready to go for it and create a life you love, I am ready and willing to help you make it happen.


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"Cheri has great insight and is extremely skilled at guiding one through issues that need to be addressed. She has the highest level of integrity and to top it all off she is an absolutely delightful person!"

David Taylor - Managing Member - Taylor and Corder CPAs

"Cheri is an excellent trainer and coach. She communicates well and takes a genuine interest in the lives and careers of the people she supports. Cheri is a great teacher and is skilled at leading groups of various sizes."

Eli Nelson - Engineering Director - Schweitzer Engineering Labs (SEL)